The Cheesecake Gastronomy Tips

Cheesecakes date back to the time when the Romans proudly conquered Greece.

cheesecakes were a bonus

cheesecakes were created in Greece

sweet things

some confuse cheesecakes to cheese pies

About the Company

It is quite natural for customers to walk right in and ask us whether we truly bake the cheesecakes displayed or if we have other means to produce the cheesecakes sold. For all those of you who have this very question in mind, let us begin our intro by stating that we bake everything sold at our store and season them with love for our dear customers.
We only make use of the finest of ingredients in our baking, everything including the fresh cream to premium cream cheese to the kiss vanilla. We do not add any unnecessary cooking agents, water or other fillers because we want all our customers to come back to us again and again out of the will and not because they are fooled into believing that they are having something out of this world. Hence, be assured that all ingredients are hand blended whole-heartedly to create cheesecakes that are perfect both in terms of visual appeal and in terms of taste. Be it fresh fruit cheesecakes or chocolate indulgence or the less common flavors, we have something to tingle a wide range of taste buds.


Now coming to the most obvious question that lingers in the minds of most customers - What is the price that you have to pay for such perfectly crafted cheesecakes? Worry not, as we have priced our cheesecakes and other in-house bakery items moderately so as to ensure that you get to eat guilt-free, both in terms of calories and price.

Serve food fresh

Our motto is to serve food that is fresh and of high quality. This we achieve by baking as per demand, using premium quality ingredients, and attending to every tiny detail when it comes to food preparation. That is why our dishes make a difference.

Visit Us

So, please visit us the next time you are in town and do not forget to ask us for the day's special.


Today, cheesecakes are one of the most common desserts in most cafes and bakeries