Cheese pies

However, some confuse cheesecakes to cheese pies, as cheesecakes have a crumb crust that is richly filled with soft custard and is baked to perfection that simply melts in the mouth. This is why the confusion arises between cheesecakes being a cake or a pie with the minor variation of the inclusion of cream cheese. Therefore, it is no sin to consider cheesecakes as pies or cakes.
Today, cheesecakes are one of the most common desserts in most cafes and bakeries. In fact, there are cafes solely devoted to the creation of uniquely flavored cheesecakes. The main reasons why people prefer cheesecakes to the usual cakes, pies, and pastries are that:


  • It has a very distinct taste that is a combination of cakes, puddings, and pies, which not only makes Miss Muffet devour her pie but millions of others as well.
  • Moreover, cheesecakes can be prepared using a wide range of ingredients, which makes it all the more attractive.
  • Extraordinary

  • In addition, cheesecakes are now being created using different flavors and fillings that captures different taste buds and hence has become a hit in many regional cafes as well.
  • Cheesecakes never fail to create something so extraordinary out of the two most common flavors, which are chocolate and vanilla.  
  • Flavors

  • In addition to flavors and fillings, cheesecakes are now made using a different quality of creams such as low fat and heavy cheese. It can also make use of flavored syrups and glazing, which are preferred by many people.
  • Furthermore, cheesecakes are quite simple to make with easily available ingredients and flexible recipes. These can also be altered as per the creator's choice in terms of sweetness, flavor, and fillings.

  • Lastly, but most importantly, cheesecakes are decorated to perfection and to suit any type of occasion. Be it a romantic candlelight dinner during Valentine's Day or a wedding or any casual or formal events, cheesecakes are presented in such artistic manner that makes the foodie in you to simply devour it at one go.   

  • Scientific cooking tips

    Having discussed as to why cheesecakes are preferred, here are some scientific cooking tips to create a perfect cheesecake.

    Ingredient Selection

    Use only good quality ingredients. For instance, do not opt for cheap cream cheese that comes in plastic tubs rather opt for solid blocks, as the former has air filled into the cream cheese which will ultimately affect the quality of the final cheesecake. Further, choosing a sour cream or full-fat cream cheese will produce better cheesecakes than the rest.

    Ingredient Preparation

    It is a standard operating procedure in the field of baking to ensure that all your baking ingredients including eggs, sour cream, cream cheese, sugar, baking powders, and the rest are all maintained at room temperature. The main purpose behind this is that constant temperature will prevent crumbling and lump formations in the baked product.

    Ingredient Compilation

    Once you have all your ingredients in place, you need to combine it one by one in a particular sequence. No wonder cooking is more of an art and not merely mixing chemicals that can turn out to be explosive. Further, you need to ensure that you do not overbeat the ingredients while mixing. You simply need to mix the ingredients well but not too properly. Overbeating or excessive blending will cause your cheesecake to crumble or crack once you bake it. If you are using an electric blender, then opt for low to medium speed.

    Equipment Selection

    Cooking is an art and therefore it is necessary for you to choose the right equipment to bake to perfection. Cheesecakes are best baked in a springform pan, as these have sides that can be easily removed without disturbing the texture where otherwise you will have to resort to flipping the pan. It is almost as if you will make a sunny side up in no time. Once you have selected your equipment, you need to prepare it for cooking by greasing the bottoms and sides so as to ensure nothing sticks to the pan and you get your cheesecake in its entire glory once it is done baking.

    Baking Preparation

    While baking a cake, we simply keep the mold in the oven and let it bake for 30 minutes. However, the most important criteria while baking a cheesecake is that it needs to be moist all throughout. No one wants to eat a hard or dry cheesecake that will crack before it even reaches your mouth. In order to achieve a moist cheesecake, include a water bath or a pan of water while baking. This will produce steam that will prevent the drying of the cheesecake.

    Baking Don'ts

    Another important thing to focus on is that you should avoid unnecessary peeking and poke while baking. Every time you open the oven to peek or poke and check if the cheesecake is done, you are altering the temperature by letting both heat and steam escape. Changes in temperature while baking will affect the quality of the cheesecake. Further, infinite pokes will result in a cheesecake with a number of holes.

    Baking Do's

    If the baking doesn't have dampened your spirit, then there are certain things that will allow you to play with your cheesecake once it is done. This is the part where you correct your cheesecake and take care of damages. For instance, covering holes with frostings or fruits is a good way to control the damage.